Ryan Pinkerton takes his 4th straight win and wraps up the overall title at the penultimate round of the Jr DH World Cup in Snowshoe, WV! The young SoCal shredder has been flying this season his all-new GT Fury.

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The Pro Series is the first bike designed for the Bikelife movement. The lightweight alloy frame and snappy geometry unlock ultimate swerve control.

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Performer 29

One of the most iconic names in BMX

With the pedal bike life culture originating from the inner-city where low-income families are the average, we thought it was important to deliver a bike that is still GT reliable, but at a lower more approachable price point.

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Return of the Grade Escape

You never know where a Grade day will take you. 30mm of ‘Gravel Travel’ paired with RockShox Rudy XPLR 40mm fork means there’s nothing to stand in your way of adventure. Enduro rider, Adam Robbins may have set out for casual ride, but his penchant for single track led him down a different path

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