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GT Model Years 2019-23 LaBomba Bicycles and Framesets

At GT, we know our riders demand the highest levels of performance, quality, and safety, and we hold ourselves and GT products to that standard.

We have identified a safety issue with the GT Model Year 2019-23 LaBomba bicycles and framesets.  The bicycle headtube/downtube weld can become damaged and separate from the bicycle frame, posing fall and injury hazards.  As such, we are conducting a product recall of these bicycles in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

GT dealers and riders should inspect the bicycle to determine if they have a GT Model Year 2019-23 LaBomba bicycle or bicycle frameset. A consumer can identify an impacted bicycle or bicycle frameset by the presence of “LaBomba” painted on the bicycle frame top-tube. If you have a GT Model Year 2019-23 LaBomba bicycle or bicycle frameset, please refrain from riding it until a GT dealer can replace it.

Please contact your local authorized GT dealer or GT to arrange for an authorized GT dealer to replace the bicycle frame at no charge.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience, and for riding GT.

Sincerely, The GT Team


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View the official posting of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission press release at: GT Recalls LaBomba Bicycles Due to Fall and Injury Hazards |

View: GT LaBomba Recall and Safety Notice

View: GT LaBomba Recall Poster


Other Current Recalls


What is the problem?

During ongoing product testing, the GT team identified a potential issue with the handlebars on a limited number of bicycles. In certain cases, the handlebars may develop small fatigue cracks over time, which if not identified, may continue to grow larger and eventually lead to a fracture of the handlebars. If this happens, a rider could lose control of the bicycle and fall.

No incidents or injuries have been reported, but the safety of GT riders and optimal performance of GT products is our number one priority, so GT is launching a voluntary recall and free replacement program.

How do I check a bicycle to determine if it is affected by this recall?

A bicycle is affected if it meets the following steps:

Step 1:

If the GT logo on the downtube is solid, proceed to Step 2. If the logo is not solid, the bicycle is not affected.

Step 2:

If the bicycle model name is listed below, proceed to Step 3. If not, the bicycle is not affected. The model name is either found on the top tube or chainstay as pictured to the right.

Model Year Model Name
2017 Karakoram Sport
2017 Karakoram Comp
2017 Aggressor Expert
2017 Aggressor Sport
2017 Aggressor Comp

Step 3:

If the bicycle stem faceplate marking reads "Ø31.8 9-10N.m," bicycle may be affected by this recall. If it does not have this exact marking, the bicycle is not affected. The marking can be found on either the top or the bottom side of the stem, as pictured to the right.

What should I do next?

If your bicycle meets all steps 1-3 above, you should stop using it and bring it to an authorized GT dealer to confirm if your bicycle is affected by this recall. If your bicycle is affected, an authorized GT dealer will replace the handlebar and stem free of charge.

Translated Notices:

Dutch - View PDF
Italian - View PDF
German - View PDF
French - View PDF

Past Recalls

Float X2

Safety Recall Notice for 2016-2017 Sanction Bikes and Frames equipped with FOX Float X2 Rear Shocks

Quick Release Recall

Effected: Bicycles equipped with front disc brakes and quick release levers.

Translated Notices:

English - View PDF
Contacts: United States/Canada - 1-800-726-2453; United Kingdom - 01202732288; Australia - (03) 8327 8080; Finland - 0942451582; Sweden - 0844683769; Norway - 062783001

Portuguese - View PDF
Contact: Portugal - 211141321

Spanish - View PDF
Contact: Spain - 911980754

German - View PDF
Contacts: Germany - 07614888022; Austria - 012675922; Switzerland - 0615880767; Luxembourg - 027860715

French - View PDF
Contact: France - 0482810011

Italian - View PDF
Contact: Italy - 0294756239

Chinese - View PDF
Contact: China +86-21-64468999

Japanese - View PDF
Contact: Japan +81-3-5950-6002

Safety Recall Notice for SR Suntour Forks

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