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Can you film this?

Can you film this?

Can You Film This? is a full length video that highlights its badass roster of up and coming riders. Three years in the making, Can You Film This? was initially a project created to compile the riders’ stacked footage, particularly those spur-of-the-moment clips where they might ask, “Hey, can you film this?” In time, and with enough footage, it evolved into something more.

Can You Film This? features GT riders from around the world including:

• Chelsea Wolfe • Dillon Leeper • Duda Penso • Gustavo Balaloka • James Jones • Jeff Purdy • Julian Molina • Mason Ritter • Michael Dickson • Omar Rios • Parker Heather • Ratty Maty • Shane Leeper • Sullyvan Guaincetre • Sven Avemaria • Tristen Cooper • Albert Mercado • Brian Kachinsky • Dan Conway • Leandro Moreira • Mad Mike • Tate Roskelley

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