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Julian Molina | Can you film this?

Julian Molina | Can you film this?

After initially releasing our new full-length video, Can You Film This? on, we’re now releasing the individual sections. Let’s kick it off with the intro and Julian Molina’s part.

Fun Facts: Other than one extremely productive day in Los Angeles with Jeff Zielinski, the bulk of Julian’s part was filmed in and around Austin, Texas, with Stew Johnson. For his soundtrack, Julian requsted the track “Miseria” from Medellin, Colombia, based punk band Los Suziox.

CYFT highlights GT’s up and coming generation of riders. Initially a project to not let the typically bro-cam footage that was stacking up go to waste from those “Hey dude, Can You Film This?” moments. In time, the project gained momentum and evolved into a full-length we couldn’t be more proud of.

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