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Mason Ritter rides it all on the Fueler 22

Mason Ritter rides it all on the Fueler 22


Whether you're looking for a roomy bike to cruise or aiming to shred, you can stretch out the fun on a Fueler 22. Mason Ritter shows you how...

The Fueler 22 has the same full Cr-Mo frame, fork and handlebar build as our highest end BMX models. The 22-inch wheels allow a rider to roll faster with more stability than traditional 20-inch wheels while keeping the same playfulness you’ve come to expect from a modern BMX bike. While bigger riders love these bikes, they’re also the perfect rig for any returning rider who thinks a 20 is might be too small and a 24 is for the old dudes.

Film: Murphy Moschetta

Edit: Jeff Zielinski

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