Electric Bikes

GT's pedal-assist electric bikes are designed around going further and discovering new places. Discover how many more trails you can grind your way up, how many out-of-the-way places you can visit, and just how awesome a ride with a little boost can really be.


This is a “performance-enhancing” version of the podium proven Force, with and e-tuned LTS suspension platform. 29” wheels and 150mm of travel, the eForce range is so much fun, who needs a chairlift?

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Power Performer

Combining the style, excitement and durability of BMX with the benefits of an e-bike, you can now take fun further. Hub driven pedal assist, 9 levels of speed, bump absorbing floating frame stander seat stays rolling on big go-anywhere wheels, you’ve got a bike that can’t be stopped! Recharge and barge, the ride never ends with the Power Performer.

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Meet your new search engine. From the gravel explorer to the daily commuter, this eGrade model range is for riders seeking the fastest route to their next adventure.

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